Yonah Ben-Amitai.

October 15, 2020

The reluctant Preacher?

We remember him because of the great fish that swallowed him and through this we have a comparison with Yeshua being in the grave for three days, before He rose!

But here we want to look more on what Elohim asked Yonah to do and his refusal to preach to Ha ‘Goyim, because of his dislikes of the Ninevites?

Yonah booked his passage and ran away, but Elohim gave him another chance to share the message and he did with Ha ‘Goyim repenting of their failures.

Our good news message of Yeshua is not limited to us, but we too can share Him with the world and the terrible way that it is in today near and far!

Yonah 1:1-3, 3:1-5, 10, 4:1-2, Matthew/Levi 12:41, Luke 11:30, 32, Yochanan 3:14-16, Acts 10:42, Alef Kefa 4:11.

Yom Kippure. Part-Two.

October 1, 2015

Yeshua Forgives.

The sin of the people of Y’srael is not over after Yom Kippure, even though now it is Sukkot and we are heading for Simchat Torah. Sin is an ever present problem that needs to be sorted out immediatly.

Faith in Yeshua today will change that situation and burden that Ha’Torah cannot do. Yeshua has made the final atonement for our failure and by trusting in Him Ha’Torah is fulfilled. because He was the perfect man the second Adam, who gave His life for us.

Yochanan 3:15-16,  11:25-26, Hebrews chapter 5.