Chanukka-Christmas. Part-Two.

December 3, 2015

Annoucement of Messiah.

The Angel of Ha’Adon Gabri’ EL appeared to a young virgin woman bethrothed to Yosef and announced that she had been chosen to bear the Messiah. Quite a statement to hear out of the blue. Mari was also told that her sister was also having a child, who would be great in Israel.

This account covers many aspects of how Elohim was moving in Israel two thousand years ago. Israel had fallen into decline in relation to the Temple requirements and we are told this through the Prophet Mal’ akhi.

Traditions had now set in to replace faith and anything was acceptable over the true legal requirements. Meanwhile Israel was also under first the greek occupation and now the Romans.

Luke 1:26-45,  Matthew/Levi 1:21,  23,  Psalm 132:11,  Yesha’ Yahu 7:14, Dani’ EL 7:13-14,  Galatians 4:4.


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