Chanukka-Christmas. Part-One.

November 26, 2015

Z’kharyah the Father of the Greatest Prophet.

We start this with the account of the circumscion of Yochanan the Baptizer, the greatest Prophet to have ever lived. His father a preist in the Temple in the time of king Herod was silenced by an angel of Ha’Adon for his lack of faith, when he was told that he and his wife Elisabeth were going to have a child in their old age.

This child would praise in his mothers woumb the presence of Mary and 30 years later Baptize the Messiah in the Yarden. Yochanan preached about the coming of Yeshua and we would pay a very high cost for his faith by loosing his head.

Luke 1:67-80,  Yesha ‘Yahu 57:19-21,   Luke 1;41-42,   Yochanan 1:15-34, Matthew/Levi 14:10,   Revelation 20:4.


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