Pesach. Part-One.

March 12, 2013

Yeshua Knew.

Right through the three years of ministry, of Yeshua Adonai, He always told His Talmidim that He was going to be handed over to wicked men and go to the stake, but on the third day he would arise from the grave.  Matthew/Levi 16:21,  17:22-23,  20:17-19,  Mark 8:31,  9:31,  10:33,  Luke 9:22,  18:31-32,  24:6-7.

Why did they not see this or understand, because many were is so much awe that they were with the Messiah. It is always easier to see after the events and this is so in these events. We know have the complete picture, but what will you be doing with this today?

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